Sounds Creative - Brenda Flanagan

Sounds Creative - Brenda Flanagan

  • £20.00

Commissioned by ACCAC to assist in the teaching of the Cwricwlwm Gymreig in schools.

Sounds Creative, which contains a book and CD will be warmly received by Key Stage 1 a 2 teachers, whether they are specialist or nonspecialist teachers. All of the 15 projects can be undertaken by teachers who are unable to read or write music or are unable to play a musical instrument.

Each of the projects in this book deals with a different topic which the children can relate to and serves as a catalyst to instigate composing, performing and appraising activities.

The material has been presented in a clear and comprehensive style which underlines areas of the National Curriculum Music Order.

An exciting resource which will be of great practical help to teachers.

Fersiwn Cymraeg

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