Silver Apples of the Moon (Eos Ensemble Cymru)

Silver Apples of the Moon (Eos Ensemble Cymru)

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Silver Apples of the Moon. Music of Christopher Weeks, Mervyn Burtch, and Peter Reynolds performed by Eos Ensemble Cymru.



Eos Ensemble Cymru perform music by Mervyn Burtch, Peter Reynolds and Christopher Weeks, for forces ranging from solo flute, through wind quintet to chamber ensemble, all in première recordings. The three composers hailed from South Wales – good friends, with contrasting musical styles.

From Burtch’s whimsical , to the night-music of Reynolds’s , and the lucidity of Weeks’s this release adds significant but unjustly neglected repertoire to the canon.


Christopher Weeks 

1. What the angel said…  [09:39]

Mervyn Burtch  

Wind Quintet 

2. (i) Grave – Vivace [04:09]

3. (ii) Molto lento e mesto [06:24]

4. (iii) Vivace, scherzando e molto leggiero [01:53]

5. (iv) Languido [04:48]

6. (v) Vivace leggiero [03:14]


Peter Reynolds 

7. The Silver Apples of the Moon [14:05] 

Mervyn Burtch 

Four Portraits from Alice in Wonderland

8. The March Hare [01:23]

9. The Dormouse [02:33]

10. Alice [01:58]

11. The Mad Hatter [01:43]

Christopher Weeks 

12. Wind Quintet [09:57]

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