Rhian Samuel - Ribbons and Streamers I

Rhian Samuel - Ribbons and Streamers I

  • £7.99

Piece for flute and guitar.

The composer writes:

"With the opening flute flourishes, later accompanied by the guitar's purposeful arpeggios, ‘Ribbons and Streamers’ evokes the celebratory atmosphere of the carnival; yet, with the subsequent, sombre, Dowland-esque song of the guitar, a deep and hidden sadness is revealed. During the piece, these two conflicting moods are juxtaposed, then later partially fused: the flute with its flourishes begins to accompany the tune sympathetically; the guitar’s melody gives way to its scale-patterns. At the end, ostensibly at least, the joyousness of the carnival wins out."


Includes score and parts.

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