Rhian Samuel - Moving Images (violin & piano)

Rhian Samuel - Moving Images (violin & piano)

  • £15.99

Commissioned by Carol Nixon, and first performed by Elena Urioste and Tom Poster in October 2021, Moving Images consists of three pieces:

  1. Chasing Shadows
  2. Fallen Trees
  3. Rooks in the East Wind

The composer writes:

"In the outer two of these three pieces, reference is to 'movement' -- of shadows of living things in the first, of tumbling rooks in the strong east wind in the third. In the middle piece, the term is used differently: 'Fallen Trees' invokes poignancy and well as remorse for the consequences of climate change, referring to the damage inflicted on a woodland near Aberdyfi by the high winds of March 2018 which destroyed around 200 beautiful trees."

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