Geoff Eales - Farewell Patagonia

Geoff Eales - Farewell Patagonia

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Flute & Piano

This work pays homage to the indomitable spirit of those pioneering Welsh men and women who, beginning a century and half ago, forged a new life for themselves in Chubut Province on the southern-most tip of Argentina.

Celebratory in tone, the piano sets the mood from the word go. The driving tango rhythm must be relentless throughout, apart from the brief middle section ( bars 40 - 56 ) where a more lyrical approach is required. Even here, the strict Latin tempo should never waver.

Farewell Patagonia was recorded by Andy Findon and Geoff Eales on the CD "The Dancing Flute" ( Nimbus Alliance NI 6216 ). Currently, there are two other versions of the piece : a tenor saxophone/piano arrangement performed by Matt London and Geoff Eales on Matt's CD