Geoff Eales - Elf Dance

Geoff Eales - Elf Dance

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Flute & Piano

"The rock-style piano accompaniment and catchy tunes provide the flute player with an opportunity to 'groove' and show another side to their playing and personality in a recital" CASS magazine

The work contrasts three sprightly dance sections (1­65, 89­141 and 159­230) with two passages of a more reflective and pastoral nature. Any performance should highlight the differences between the vigour of the dance and the lyricism of the slow sections. You will note that occasionally the composer has written 3/4 and 6/8 simultaneously. This is intentional and is done so in order to achieve greater rhythmic nuance.

Elf Dance was recorded by Andy Findon and Geoff Eales on the CD "The Dancing Flute" (Nimbus Alliance NI 6126)