Gareth Glyn / Anni Llŷn - Fantastic Fables Resource Booklet

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For use alongside the Fantastic Fables songbook.


This Fantastic Fables resource booklet has been written and researched by Louise Maddy, who works as a teacher and freelance producer for WNO’s Programmes & Engagement department.

The exercises in this booklet will help to supplement participants’ interest in all four of the stories, and will encourage exploration of characters and themes while creating an intrigue for Welsh cultural heritage. Participants will develop empathy and understanding of the mythical world while covering a wide range of creative skills. It is hoped that the focus of these activities may supplement Eisteddfod themes and complement the curriculum covered around the time of St David’s Day.

Alongside the learning of the Fantastic Fables pieces, the aim of this pack is to offer a fun way with which to explore the quirky characters from Wales’ rich heritage of storytelling (Chwedlau Cymru). Pupils will be able to further discover the mythical worlds of Gwion, Branwen, Bendigeidfran and King March to name a few.

Through the broad potential of Cwricwlwm Cymreig, the activities in this pack will allow participants to develop an awareness of the importance of language and literature in the history and life of Wales, an understanding of the creative, and our heritage of expressive arts.